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Initial and Recurring Costs in addition to actual website creation costs >
Domain Name Registration and Webhosting:
These are annual fees paid directing to a domain name registrar or webhosting company required to access the web and make your website work. These fees are not included in web design fees, but we will be happy to assist you in obtaining these accounts. These accounts will be in your name, as you will own them. If you already have an established domain name and webhosting, that's great! We can skip this step and get to the website details.

$15/year: Domain registration (must renew each year/multiple years). Client chooses domain registrar and is responsible for maintaining account with domain registrar.

$60-$150/year: Webhosting (must renew each year/multiple years). Client chooses webhost and is responsible for maintaining account with webhost. As a guide, webhosting is available for as little as $5 per month. Some webhosts offer good multiple year rates, so the actual cost could vary greatly depending on the webhost chosen.

Website Creation >
$150 - 1 page website -- begin at $75 each additional page

Special features such as creating a logo, scanning & prepping photos, extensive slideshow of photos, creating documents, e-commerce, password protected areas, databases are available at an additional cost, based on time involved.

Website Maintenance >
$50 per hour

Some typical maintenance requests for existing webpages:
General changes to existing web content
Photo addition or update (scanning, re-sizing, thumbnails, slideshow creation)
Link creation or update
Document creation or update
Brochure creation or update
Password protected area creation or update
Database creation or update
File backup
Link validation and update
SEO (search engine optimization) adjustment for ranking on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
Logo creation
Website redesign

Additional Tasks >
Begin at $75 per web page added to an existing website

Time Tracking >
For hourly charges, time is tracked by the minute and charged in 15 minute increments.

Consulting & Proposals >
We are happy to look over your existing website, make recommendations for improvements, and provide you with a proposal. We will gladly assess any potential project and offer a proposal!


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