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What is a Website?

Questions you might be asking yourself: "Just what IS a website, and why would I need one?"

A few definitions:

Web Page:  An electronic file that usually includes elements such as text, photographs, audio files, video files, documents, and graphics. It is viewed using a web browser.

Web Browser:  Computer software used to view web pages. Typical web browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Bing.

Website, Home Page, and Sub Pages:  A website is a collection of web pages that go together. For example, when you came to osuwebcat.com, the first web page was the home page. You then have the option of clicking on any of the buttons at the top of the screen to go five other pages: Website Basics, Portfolio, Rates, Quote Request, and Contact. Each time you click on one of the buttons, you go to another web page on this site. The home page plus those five other pages, referred to as sub pages, make up the whole website. A website usually refers to the whole collection of web pages contained in the site, but term "web page" is commonly used for "website".

World Wide Web:  The overall collection of websites available on the Internet. Websites typically link to other websites, and the idea of them being something of a spider's web comes to mind.

Internet Service Provider (ISP):  The company one uses to connect to the Internet. Common Internet Service Providers include Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and many other telephone and communications companies. Internet Service Providers may also offer domain registration and website hosting to customers.

Domain Name:  This is the name of your URL (this site is www.osuwebcat.com) and a fee is paid to register and use the name. The fee is usually $10-15 per year. The fee is paid directing to a domain registrar.

Webhost: This is another required element to make your website work. Your website must be stored on a webhost's server so that it can be accessed by anyone on the web. A local webhost may charge $10/month, but larger webhosts may charge $70-80/year. Costs vary greatly based on many factors.

Email:  The abbreviation for electronic mail. This can be typed messages including photos and files that are sent electronically. An email address will always include the @ symbol. For example, meow@osuwebcat.com is an email address. The format for email is username@ISPname. The address osuwebcat.com refers to an actual website address. Generally, the www. is optional at the beginning of the website address.

Do I Really Need a Website?

If you would like to utilize any of the following features, you may decide that you could benefit from having a website...

Showcase Your Work:  A professional website can showcase your work and present an image that lets people know you are serious about your work. Let people know who you are, what you have to offer, and how and where to do business with you.

Allow Customers and Potential Customers to Find You:  More and more people are using the Internet to find businesses they wish to work with. If you want more customers, it can be important to have a website.

Increase Productivity From Your Staff:  If your employees spend time faxing, emailing, or snail mailing (regular postal mail) information to clients, or repeating the same information on the phone, then offering an informative website can save you time and money. Allow customers or potential customers to find information about you online. Documents and catalogs can be viewed, downloaded, and printed, too.

Am I Ready to Begin Planning a Website?

The first step in planning a website is creating a "blueprint".

No matter who designs your website, some preliminary work is necessary so that your thoughts, ideas, and physical documents are collected to get your site up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

As you complete the checklist below, gather all pertinent items or documents containing the information you wish to include on your website and place together in a folder. When you have completed the worksheet and collected all necessary items, you will have a great start on planning your website!

Click icon below to view/print a checklist of items to assist you in planning your website in .pdf format.


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